Money-related topics can make for tough conversations. How much have you saved for retirement? How did you pay for school? How have you gone about paying off your debt? These can be some taboo questions to ask.

Well, not for Generation Wealthy! We’re starting this conversation, and we’re inviting you in on the chat.

Getting Per$onal with Taylor

In this interview, account manager and MBA candidate Taylor Mattson discusses learning money management by watching her mother, meeting early salary expectations, and her guilty pleasure of shopping.


Getting Per$onal with Diamond

In this interview, Diamond Richardson talks about her early memories of payday loans, learning how to budget after relocating across the country, and negotiating a salary offer despite being in an entry level role.


Getting Per$onal with Medina

In this interview, business partner Medina Asalati talks about the impact of her family’s financial struggles on her decision to buy a home.  


Getting Per$onal with Nduka

In this interview, investment analyst and non-profit treasurer Nduka Nwankwo discusses his early education about money, how it shaped his career choices and his personal finance strategy.


Getting Per$onal with Diana


Strategy Analyst turned MBA student Diana Cruz talks learning frugality from her farther, taking a personal finance course in college and negotiating a $7,000 raise at her first job.