Generation Wealthy evolved out of Samantha Ealy’s personal experiences with money. Samantha grew up in an environment where talking about money was extremely taboo and her childhood was shaped by the money struggles of her family.

When Samantha gained independence at college, she adopted many of the bad financial habits she’d witnessed at home and got in way over her head. At her lowest, she was homeless for a month while in college. Spending sleepless nights in the backseat of her car, she felt shame, frustration, and confusion. This was the biggest teachable moment in her life. Samantha recognized the severity of her financial illiteracy, and vowed never to experience anything like that again. She started teaching herself about personal finance as a defense and began to wonder why so little effort is made to educate young people about how finance works in the US.

Samantha felt all the learning she was doing was worth sharing. Over time, she began to dream about a platform that could break down the basics in manageable ways for others trying to figure out money matters. In August 2015, she expressed her idea to her networks and was surprised to learn how many people were passionate about the same thing. At that point, Generation Wealthy’s volunteer team began to form. Talented young professionals from the tech, finance, design, and nonprofit industries were motivated by their own financial journeys to join Samantha in her mission to address financial illiteracy.

Generation Wealthy officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in January, 2016.  Currently, Generation Wealthy is 100% volunteer-run with ~15 dedicated volunteers and financial professional partners working to help young people navigate personal finance and make smart financial decisions.