We believe everyone who wants to learn about financial literacy should be able to do so easily. We aim to reduce the barriers to finding personal finance information and best practices.


We take pains to ensure the information we are providing is accurate. The content for all educational videos is fully reviewed by at least three people, one of whom is a financial professional.


Generation Wealthy was started by young people, for young people. We’re creating the resources we wish we had, and we’re being ourselves while doing it.


We aim to change the narrative around personal finance. Talking about money is taboo, but it shouldn’t be. We do our best to remain very open and honest about the topic. Nothing is off limits!


We at Generation Wealthy know that there is no one-size-fits-all personal finance plan. Our goal is to empower you, as a viewer, to be able to make smart financial decisions based on your situation.


Generation Wealthy’s resources are not limited to a specific race, ethnicity, income level, etc. We want to help anyone and everyone who wants to better their personal finances.


We do our best to base our information on facts. We will never tell you what to do with your money, but we will tell you what different decisions really mean and how they may or may not affect your overall wellbeing.


We hope to nurture your financial literacy and we will continue to think about the best ways to support your development as we grow as an organization.